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At the age of eight, bullets shot past her head as her mother and youngest siblings piled into a car. Not enough room left for the rest of the family, Clementine and her brothers walked beside the vehicle as bombs exploded beside them. Bodies fell to the ground. Dead. You were lucky if you survived without a wound of some kind. With no time to stop and mourn those you love, the exodus from war-torn Rwanda was a chaotic and terrifying experience especially for a child like Clementine Bihiga.

Clementine wrote Happily Broken; Discovering Happiness through Pain and Suffering, not to preach to people, but to come beside them as a friend who cares—as a friend who has traveled through the fire and come out on the other side. Free. Does she have scars? Of course, but she’s here to tell you that scars can be beautiful. Pain and suffering can be beautiful if embraced with a full heart and genuine faith.

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What readers are saying

I loved how the author stayed true to herself throughout the book. The book is interesting from start to end. I also loved how the author was directly speaking to her readers while telling her story. She wanted to transfer a message and she gave it her own way. Reading her life made me appreciate what I have in mine. Seeing all the challenges she went through and how happy she was taught me something about gratefulness and positivity. I would recommend this book to people who feel like their lives are unfair and they want to give up. The author believed in a better life regardless of the bumpy journey.
Francoise C.
I know about a dozen refugee families from multiple countries of origin span a few decades of when they left their home country and every story is just as gripping as this one. Clementine is candid and shares her story in a natural way as if she was talking to you. I read the book in about an hour which never happens for me. If I had Donald Trump money I would buy copies to hand out to every American.
Amazon Buyer
Oh Clementine, you made me to cry at times and at other times I wanted to laugh so hard! Your spirit and passion truly shows in your writing and I was so honored to be able to read about your journey! Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done.
Jessie R.
This was a great book and the author had me laughing and crying throughout…she is so transparent and her story really puts things into perspective. As mentioned above it feels as though she is telling the story to you…this book brings encouragement and hope that no matter what you are going through you can be happily broken.