The Clarette Refugee Fund was created by Clementine Bihiga, an award winning Rwandan author and motivational speaker in memory of a daughter she lost in 2014.

Our Mission:

Clarette Refugee Fund is a non-profit organization that works with Refugee schools around the world to provide food, uniforms, school supplies and educational scholarships to refugee students.

Our Vision:

No refugee child will go to school on an empty stomach or without school supplies.


Clarette Refugee Fund is currently working to build a pantry at a small refugee school called KABIRIA located in the slums of Kenya.



About Kabiria

  • Works under the umbrella of Mary Queens of Apostles Parish Dagoretti
  • Enrolls refugee students from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo
  • 13 teachers and staff
  • 72 students from Grades 1 through High school
  • Teaches curriculum in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili

Challenges of Kabiria

  • School structure is falling apart
  • Students and teachers lack adequate food
  • Little to no money to buy uniforms or other school supplies
  • School has no sponsors

Immediate Needs for the Pantry

  • Notebooks, pens, pencils, books, crayons, rulers, erasers, uniforms, canned goods, school desks
  • Can Openers, cereals, granola bars, clothing, shoes, combs, toiletries, hair brushes, soap, etc.

Long Term Needs Vision

  • Work with USA colleges to sponsor a student to study in the USA
  • HS and college service trips to school
  • US Church & Organization outreach to sponsor Kabiria
  • Funding to provide salaries staff
  • Renovate Kabiria

Meet Some Of Our Students




We are about innovation and always look for creative ways of working with individuals and organizations. Click Below to learn different ways in which you can work with us:

Motivational Speaking

From refugee camps to a published award winning author, sought after motivational speaker and Huffington Post contributor, Clementine’s electrifying speech will leave your audience motivated, entertained and ready to make an impact despite obstacles! A portion of the honorarium goes towards the Clarette Refugee Fund!

Non-Fiction Book Writing Courses

You’ve got a message to share, a story to tell and inspire so many people. Our 10-week non-fiction book writing program will take you through the whole process of writing a book. By the end of the course, you will be published authors and your book will be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.! Once you publish a book, your life changes and brings so many possibilities A portion of the cost goes to support the Clarette Refugee Fund.

Individual Donations

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” This quote by Nelson Mandela perfectly manifests the goals and aspirations of the Clarette Refugee Fund. Your contributions are utterly invaluable to our cause. Every dollar you contribute helps. Help us build a future full of hope and promise. Your spare change can literally change the lives of refugee students around the world.

Dance Workshops

Dance therapy is a treatment for several conditions including depression and anxiety. When Clementine was a young girl, she danced in a refugee dance group in Kenya that performed for tourists, head of states, etc. This beautiful, graceful and healing Rwandan dance not only helped fellow refugee children cope with the emotional challenges of being a refugee but it also helped support her family at the age of 8. Dancers would receive bags of rice and beans to take to their families. Clementine takes this expressive, stress releasing and healing dance to schools and organizations around the nation. A portion of the cost goes to benefit the Clarette Refugee Fund.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

As a business owner or organization leader, there is no doubt that you understand the importance of education- for our children, employees and a brighter future for community. Now imagine the need across the world; in poverty stricken countries where children lack access to basic needs such as food, water, clothing etc. Our efforts to solve these problems aren’t possible without the help of people like you. Help us realize our vision! Ask us about our Change 4 Change Challenge for your school or business!
Business sponsorship donations and partnerships will be featured in the Huffington Post and in Press Releases to major media outlets thanking them for their support.


To learn how your school or organization ca be involved, email Clementine at