kabiria1The Clarette Refugee Fund was created by Clementine Bihiga, an award winning Rwandan author and motivational speaker in memory of a daughter she lost in 2014.

The Fund’s mission is to support refugee schools around the world by providing refugee students, staff and their families the basics they need to be successful in school. Clarette refugee fund will do this by building food/supply pantries, one refugee school at a time! Clarette Refugee Fund is currently working to build a pantry at a small refugee school called KABIRIA located in the slums of Kenya.

About Kabiria

  • Works under the umbrella of Mary Queens of Apostles Parish Dagoretti
  • Enrolls refugee students from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo
  • 13 teachers and stuff
  • 72 students from Grades 1 through Highschool
  • Teaches curriculum in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili

Challenges of Kabiria

  • Teachers are not paid
  • School structure is falling apart
  • Students and teachers lack adequate food
  • Little to no money to buy uniforms or another clothing
  • No sponsors since 2005

Immediate Needs for the Pantry
Notebooks, pens, pencils, books, crayons, rulers, erasers, uniforms, canned goods, school desks
Can Openers, cereals, granola bars, clothing, shoes, combs, toiletries, hair brushes, soap, etc.
Built A Pantry

Long Term Needs Vision

  • Work with USA colleges to sponsor a student to study in the USA
  • HS and college service trips to school
  • US Church & Organization outreach to sponsor Kabiria
  • Funding to provide salaries staff- Cost ($500/month/stuff)
  • Renovate Kabiria – Cost ($6000)


To learn how your school or organization ca be involved, email Clementine at info@clementinebihiga.com