Clementine: The Face of Resilience

meClementine Bihiga, born in 1986, is a motivational public speaker and an award winning author of “Happily Broken: Discovering Happiness Through Pain and Suffering. She was nominated as the VOICE OF THE YEAR 2016 by SheKnowsMedia! She has also appeared in business magazines with leaders like Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos. Her motivational story, presence on stage and addictive personality has allowed her to share the stage with Aisha Tyler from “The Talk”, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Crow and other celebrities. You will NOT regret having her speak at your event!

At the age of eight, Clementine and her family were forced to flee their home in Rwanda due to the Genocide and Civil war of 1994 which killed almost a million people in 3 months. Clementine and her family lived as refugees in multiple refugee camps and settlements before they were admitted to the USA in 1999 as refugees. Clementine who faced many life and death situations at a young age including living in refugee camps and waking up among the dead, being bullied as a high school student and losing a daughter, has turned her tragic past into a positive calling of inspiring others to never give up.

When she got to the USA and was bullyied in high school for being different every single day, she would have quit and given up. Life was unforgiving for Clementine but she pressed on. She went on to speak 5 languages, got involved in many organizations such as the Student Leadership Council, World Youth Alliance, the United Nations Agents of Change, the Human Rights Commitee, The Student Achievement in Research and Scholarships and the Student Advisory Commitee for Foreign Discrimination. Clementine was also selected to be on a panel of the Africana Studies at the Stander Symposium and a panel on International Discrimination. She also interned at the New York State Attorney General’s Office and worked as a Campaign Fellow for the United Way. All these was accomplished while she was in college.

Clementine is resilient, positive, charming, and has an addicting personality and grit. She will keep your audience laughing, engaged and inspired even as she describes horrific events in her life! She is a breathe of fresh air for any organization and company. She helps audiences put things in perspective and gives them renewed energy to never give up.