No Time for Sadness, Just RUN…..

//No Time for Sadness, Just RUN…..

No Time for Sadness, Just RUN…..

A couple weeks ago, I was being interviewied for a magazine story and I was asked a question that I never really thought about in the past. The reporter asked, “Did you ever feel like committing suicide when you were running for your life at the age of 8?”

When you are running, you have HOPE…thats why you run. Giving up and not running meant that I had no hope and my life was over. But I had my two legs and so I ran and ran. Suicide, aint nobody got time for that!

I went back in time and remembered myself running with a rug on my head and all I could think was run, run, run, run. I wanted to run as fast as I could from the killings and the chaos. I just wanted peace. So I ran and ran and ran. I had no time to think. So No, I never thought about committing suicide at that time. I was too busy running!

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